Team Philosophy

The Barnabas Team encourages and enables the growth of individuals, companies, and organizations. We offer the benefit of our experiences as executives who have built businesses to deliver practical development tools and programs to increase organizational effectiveness. We also provide personal coaching to help executives and leaders achieve their goals. When unfortunate circumstances arise, we have the expertise needed to help develop a crisis or risk management plan to guide you through the tough times. In all areas we want to provide a hand to help move leaders, companies, and organizations from where they are to where they want to be.

Our team philosophy sets us apart from other consultants and coaches. We go beyond the role of a traditional consultant or coach and become a key member of your team. We will learn your business and provide a hand to help you achieve your most important goals and overcome your most pressing concerns. If you or your organization are wrestling with issues which are limiting your growth, the Barnabas Team is ready to join your team and lend a helping hand.

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