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We are here to help you grow your business. We offer experienced executives who have built businesses and go beyond the role of a traditional consultant or coach to become a key member of your team. We will learn your business and provide a hand to help you achieve your most important goals and overcome your most pressing concerns.

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Experience and Solutions

All companies, organizations, and leaders face challenges at some point. When you need us, we will team with you to develop solutions that achieve your goals and conquer your biggest obstacles. Click on the appropriate box to see if any of these examples sound familiar.

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In my role as Director of Business and Industry Services for Ozark Guidance, I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with my colleague, Steve Seward

The experience and energy Steve brought to our business programs by helping to integrate our Employee Assistance Program with our clinical programs was invaluable. He provided effective training to our clinical staff, streamlined our Employee Assistance Program policies and procedures to interface with various programs within our organization, and provided thoughtful consultation to the various business organizations that we served.

Steve was personally encouraging and insightful in dealing with the various layers of organizational strata. Steve is a very competent counselor and coach. He is also shown himself to be a solid systems thinker and is well versed in the world of organizational dynamics.

I feel confident in endorsing Steve Seward as a valuable member of any working team and as an experienced therapist within the corporate environment.

David, Director of Business and Industry Services

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