Does this sound familiar?


  • I’m not sure we have the right strategies to achieve our mission.
  • Our organizational or board structure doesn’t seem optimal to achieve our goals.
  • We are clear about our short term objectives but don’t have time to determine our longer term goals.
  • We need clear processes and governance to ensure we are complying with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • We are experiencing an unfortunate situation and need help developing a crisis or risk management plan.

Growth & Transition

  • We want to grow our impact but aren’t sure where to focus first or how to get started.
  • We are going through a leadership change and are struggling to get aligned.
  • We are growing so fast that we have lost some of our teams’ abilities to work together effectively.
  • We are not as efficient or productive as we need to be to get the most out of our limited resources.


  • We need training programs to provide our staff with new skill sets so we can achieve our goals.
  • I need help identifying development opportunities and improvement plans for our staff.
  • How do I retain my team members and volunteers and keep them engaged and motivated?
  • My staff is a lot like me and I’m afraid we may be missing some critical business insights and principles.

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